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Rotterdam City

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Rotterdam Port


The Dutch Railways



The Second Pictures of the Netherlands Page

On the first Pictures of the Netherlands page, you could view pictures of Amsterdam and Rotterdam City. (Note: if you've entered this page without coming through the first page, it is recommended that you take a look at that first Pictures Page before you continue with this page.)

In this part of the site you will first of all find some pictures of Rotterdam's famous port. Then, you can also take a look at what is the more 'traditional' Netherlands, namely some pictures of Friesland (Friesland is a province in the north of the Netherlands). After that, some pictures of the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS) await; you will see some of the Railways' trains driving through typically Dutch landscapes.

To finish up, some pictures of the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen will be shown. Arnhem is one of the largest cities in the east of the Netherlands and has about 150,000 inhabitants. It's also the capital of the province of Gelderland. Nijmegen's history dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, when this city was a small military outpost on the Northern edge of this vast empire. The purpose? To keep the wild Germanic tribes from raiding the Romans.

Rotterdam: The City with the Largest Seaport in the World

Rotterdam Port

De Maasvlakte

De Maasvlakte, where even the largest ships can dock (37k)


Europe Container Terminal (21k)

De Botlek

Ships in de Botlek (29k)

An orebarge

An orebarge going downriver (15k)
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Friesland: Impressions of a Northern Dutch Province

Harlingen, Friesland

Harlingen: a small Dutch town in Friesland (31k)

A Frisian windmill

A traditional Dutch windmill (28k)


Fishermen near the Afsluitdijk in the IJsselmeer (20k)
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Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Train in Dutch landscape

A train of the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) (13k)

A Koploper train

A close-up of the "Koploper" train (15k)

A Buffel train

The NS' newest train, the "Buffel", at the Arnhem railway station (15k)

A train in Amsterdam

At the Amsterdam railway station (20k)

A Regiorunner train

The "Regiorunner" train, a double decker of the NS (31k)
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Arnhem & Nijmegen: the Largest Cities of the East

A church in Arnhem

The Eusebiuskerk, near the city center of Arnhem (31k)


The Rhine near Arnhem, as seen from the John Frost Bridge (16k)

Downtown Arnhem

Part of the downtown shopping center of Arnhem (27k)
Overview of Nijmegen

The city of Nijmegen as seen from the highest university building (39k)
Kronenburger Park

The Kronenburger Park, gathering place for students and citizens alike (43k)
Map of the Netherlands

A map of the Netherlands, showing the location of the largest cities (39k)

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