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Earth: 2025
League of Non-Aligned Nations (LNAN)


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Info about LNAN Membership

What do we expect from you?

If you want to become and remain a member of LNAN, we expect a certain level of involvement with the clan. Don't apply for membership if you just want protection, because our respect and protection must be earned. Show you are willing to work for the clan by helping other clanmembers when they need you, and strive to build up and maintain a strong nation. Although visiting the site every single day is not required, regularly checking what is going is recommended in order to function effectively. Members who fail to help out other members, or those that are inactive or disloyal, face termination of membership, and in some cases even military retaliation.

An excerpt from LNAN law

The following excerpt, taken from the LNAN Policies section, describes the personal honor code we expect all members to maintain at all times. All members are expected to familiar with all LNAN policies.

a. You may only be in one alliance at a time. While you are an LNAN member, you may not be part of another alliance.

b. You may only lead one country at a time. Under no circumstances are you allowed to operate two or more countries (accounts) at once on any one Earth: 2025 server. Multies will be expelled and will face total destruction.

c. You may not divulge non-public information about LNAN to nonclanmembers.

d. You may not allow anyone access to the members-only part of LNAN, whether under your own password or another's.

e. You are required to have fun while playing this game. ;-)

Failure to observe the above-mentioned policies (a - d) may lead to demotion or termination of membership. Betrayal of LNAN or its policies will result in immediate termination of membership as well as military retaliation until such time that your country is listed as 'dead'.

What can you expect from LNAN?

In return for your involvement and support, LNAN will give you continued protection from your and our enemies, and we will assist in building up your country when necessary. You will make many new friends and allies, who will be happy to help you adjust to clanlife as soon as possible. If you are new to Earth: 2025, we will gladly help you learn the intricacies of the game. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself as a capable and reliable player, which could lead to elevation of rank. A rich diversity of positions are available for those who excel in certain aspects of clanlife, and these are within your reach too!

LNAN - For A Peaceful (cough), United Planet.
Join Today and Help Make This Earth A Better Place!

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs